venerdì 18 luglio 2014

You might be a toddler

Watching a toddler learn and play is amazing.  Living in Italy is amazing.  Put the two together and you have a pretty interesting adventure!

You know you are a toddler in Italy when:

  • “Ciao, bella!!” is a phrase you hear every time you leave the house
  • You wash your hands in the bidet
  • You know what a bidet is and how to use it
  • You know how to eat olives…”not the pit, mommy”
  • Your favorite foods are mozzarella di bufala, salami, pasta, and prosciutto and of course pizza
  • You say “ciao” to people you pass in the grocery store
  • You think it’s funny to say “look kids, Vesuvius” (this may not be all toddlers, just ones whose parents like National Lampoons!)
  • You pretend to flush the toilet by pushing on the wall
  • You cannot reach the flusher on the toilet without climbing on the toilet
  • You receive gifts from strangers all of the time: food off their plate, candy, stuffed animals, soccer balls,
  • You have an espresso set to go with your tea set
  •  You take your Elmo phone to the back door to get better reception
  • You sleep through LOUD fireworks outside your window at any hour of the day
  • You can count in English and Italian but sometimes confuse the two “mommy, count in English: uno, due, tre, quarto, cinque!”
  • The Italian word for tantrum and your favorite pizza are the same