lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Long Time No Post

It has been a long time since I have been able to sit and write for my blog.  My list of things I want to write is growing so long that I decided I would just skip all of them and write a quick one about the baby. 
My baby is so in love with her father.  It is awesome.  Matt comes home from work and both the baby and the dog's tail are wagging so fast.  It's a competition to see who can get to him first!  And from the time he is home until she goes to bed (which sometimes is just minutes :( ), she wants to be held by him. 
Unfortunately, his job is very demanding.  Often times he does not get home until after bedtime and he travels a lot.  Before his most recent work trip, he left a shirt on the couch and she found it!
She is snuggling with daddy's orange tshirt.

The shirt was dragged around all afternoon and even went to naptime with her!

Hopefully I will find time to blog about our trip to Germany, Ischia, France, USA, and the overall events of our crazy life in Napoli soon!